As Yoram Yasur just do it do not leave for tomorrow

yoram yasur lagoonAs Yoram Yasur just do it do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today

The importance of keeping calm.
If you are feeling too stressed! Try talking to someone about your issues, or you can even write down your worries.
It will help you cope with anxiety.
If you have a difficult situation in life, do not focus on the problem,

Focus on finding a solution.

Do not blame others for you mistakes, the only one responsible for your life is yourself.
Do not leave for tomorrow, what you can do today.
Is a simple rule that will help you focus on your plans and make you a successful person.

Do not let your cellphone control your life.

You are having dinner and your cellphone never sleeps.
Social media, e mails, voice message, chats.
It never stops.

Become present again! come to your sense.
Appreciate what you hear, see, taste,and smell now.
Conscious nature walks: how long is it been? when was the last time you walk near nature?

Do it now.
Stop, look at the trees, flowers, feel the breeze.
Put away your cellphone during meals.
Adopt a one screen policy at other times.
Begin a meditation practice: it will help you be more present! you will observe your mind instead of be your mind.

Yoram Yasur do not let your negative self talk takes over your head.

It could be your worst enemy, i can hold you back from being happy and free.
Experts say that people who have a good perception of themselves, are happier.
Getting angry will not help you solve the problem.
Is important to learn how to deal with angry.
And is normal to be angry.
But you can not get stuck to that anger. Check this yoram yasur post about this topic.

Yoram Yasur believe that is not normal.
Do not make decisions when you are angry.
Meditation is very useful to deal with angry and anxiety.

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