Yoram Yasur Agi: Alternative coffee uses

Yoram Yasur Agi: Alternative uses of coffee in the home

If you drink coffee, do not miss the following! I love coffee in the morning and during snacks, I love its taste and its pungent aroma. Thanks to my love for this drink, I discovered some uses that can be given to coffee in some household tasks. Come and find out a little more and live the coffee!

  • It is an excellent fertilizer for plants

Yoram Yasur Agi: The plants in my garden look sensational since I put a bit of coffee on the ground. What happens is that the nutrients that coffee has penetrate into the earth and allow my flowers and plants to grow much faster and with their brighter colors.

  • Say goodbye to the horrible smell of garlic

Don’t you despise that your hands are stinging with garlic when you finish cooking? I do! But I found the solution by rubbing some used coffee all over the surface of my hands. This method I use also when I pick many onions or when I have to manipulate fish.

  • The pots will look amazing

Yoram Yasur Agi: the granulated texture of the ground coffee allows me to remove the grease residues from the pots and pans without scratching them and what is better in a few minutes! You just have to throw a handful of coffee beans inside the dirty pots and rub them very well … keep in mind that if it is very delicate utensils, it is better not to do it.

  • Cleaning the chimney

There is nothing worse than removing the ash from the fireplace or grill. But fortunately, the used coffee gave me the solution. It is only necessary to spread it wet on the ashes and these will adhere to it making the task of removing them much simpler without having to endure that annoying dust that flies everywhere.

  • Deodorize shoes

The musty smell of shoes is … horrible! Yoram Yasur Agi: But coffee can help us solve this problem. You can put used dry coffee inside a sock and put it inside the shoes so that it absorbs moisture. I do it and it gives me a very good result. If you have a much better nylon stocking, then the fabric is fine, and it will let the coffee do its job.

Coffee has hundreds of uses, do not forget that it is also excellent to eliminate cellulite, surely in the near future find some other useful uses that I will not hesitate a second to tell you.



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