Yoram Yasur Agi: Every time I visit a new city im amazed by the architectural style of the place.

yoramYoram yasur: Every time I visit a new city I´m amazed by the architectural style of the place.

I can’t resist the emotion and the greatness of those cheap mlb jerseys buildings. Can you imagine living in the 100th floor? if your are afraid of heights, this couldn’t be an option.
talking about heights, these are the tallest buildings of the world:

1. kingkey Hello 100: in shenzhen, china.
The kingkey 100 is named for its 100 floors, rising to a total of 1,449 feet.

2. Willis tower: in chicago, illinois.
It used to be called the sears tower. The tower is 108 floors and a cheap jerseys total of 1,451 feet high.
It was the tallest building of the world for almost 25 years. it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in chicago.

3. Zifeng tower: nanjing, china.
Was completed in 2008 and is 1,480 feet tall.
Designed wholesale nfl jerseys by adrian smith, the building’s stair step shape is functional, helping to separate the retail centers, office spaces, restaurants and hotel.

4. petronas towers: kuala lumpur, malaysia.
Also known as the petronas twin towers, these twin skyscrapers are tied as the two number seven tallest buildings in the world.

5.international commerce centre: hong kong, china.
Is 1,588 feet tall with a total of 118 floors.
It was completed in 2012 and stands as the Jerseys tallest building in hong kong.

6. Shanghai world financial center: shanghai, china.
1,614 feet, completed in 2007.
It has 101 floors Post and the world’s highest observation deck at benoemd 1,555 feet above ground.

7. Taipei 101: taipei, taiwan.
With 5 floors underground and 101 above, the taipei 101 rises to a grand total of 1,669 feet.
It is also the largest environmentally conscious skyscraper in the world.

8. One world trade center: new york, ny.
This building will rise 104 floors high after its completion.

9. Makkah royal clock tower hotel: mecca, saudi wholesale jerseys arabia.
Is the tallest hotel in the world, along with the tallest clock-tower and containing the world’s largest clock-face.
it stands at 1,972 feet.

10. Burj Khalifa: dubai, united arab emirates.
Is the tallest building in the world, rising to 2,732 feet high with 163 floors.
Yoram Yasur

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