Yoram Yasur Agi: raise strong children

Yoram Yasur Agi: How to raise strong children in a non-sexist way?

One of the best ways for society to be more egalitarian and not discriminate based on gender is through the education of children. They are the future and what they learn now they will repeat when they grow up. It is time to educate in a non-sexist manner to raise strong, independent, and capable children of all.

Children learn by example

Who irons clothes? Who collects the dishes? Who cooks at home? Who drives? Who changes the bulbs? If the children see that any of the tasks can be done either by dad or by mom, they will learn to distribute the tasks in the home. Yoram Yasur Agi: Being an independent and responsible adult happens to be able to cook, to sew a button or to not be afraid to nail a picture. Whether you are a man or a woman, all are tasks that are useful when we are adults, and children learn by example from what they see at home. Let them learn equal attitudes, respect between men and women.

Out the stereotypes

Many times, we do it unconsciously, with no will to harm our children, but when we talk about them to other people or when we talk to them we continue falling into gender stereotypes and prioritizing certain activities and qualities when it comes to a girl and others very different when it comes to a child. Even George Clooney happens when he talks about his twins.

Nor is there a need for everything from the boys to be blue and those from the girls to be pink or purple. My son has rejected toys that he liked because they were in the pink part of the catalog, and I have struggled to make him see that the toys are not children or girls, but who wants to play with them.

Games in common

Yoram Yasur Agi: We still see it in the playgrounds of all the schools: the children play soccer and the girls with the rope or with music to dance. Maybe it’s time to think about games in which everyone can participate and creating spaces for children to play together. Without forcing, of course, but there are always activities that almost everyone likes, like doing crafts, cooking, construction games, board games, etc.

We should also control what kind of toys they play and what kind of series or movies they see, with non-sexist primates, stories that do not affect the weak woman who must be saved by man, the man incapable of expressing his feelings because he must be hard, etc. because what they play in childhood is what will make them develop as adults.

Up the self-esteem

Yoram Yasur Agi: Children must be educated with confidence in themselves and their possibilities, in showing themselves as they are, they must be able to express their feelings and ambitions. Let them see that they can be anything. Yoram Yasur Agi: That is why it is so important that they understand that there are scientific women who have gone so far, that Wonder Woman is a superhero as strong as the boys, that films like Hidden Figures serve as an example to see what they can achieve with determination. So, girls will not put on their own glass ceiling thinking that certain professions are not for women.

With the boys it happens the same: they can also be midwives, nursery teachers, tailors, or stewards. We should not despise or laugh if the attitude they take or the profession they imitate is not sufficiently “feminine” or “masculine”. Let’s give them freedom to play and dream of being what they want.

Of course, there are differences between boys and girls, which occur naturally, but neither try to exaggerate them and perpetuate them without stopping to think before, nor continue to reinforce stereotypes that do not help our children grow.

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