Yoram Yasur Agi – Do you remember how to take pictures in an old camera

yoram yasur readsYoram Yasur Agi – Do you remember how to take pictures in an old camera

Yoram Yasur remember when we used to take pictures, it was a complete art!

We take the roll to reveal it, and they asked if we want it mate or bright.
We waited for a whole week and go back to pick up the pictures.
After all, pictures were always terrible, red eyes, open mouth, bad lightning.

Now everything is so different! you have digital cameras, apps that correct all imperfections, effects that transform every picture into a poster.
Don t you miss those days?

Do you remember the drive in theathers

Getting ready for the weekend? how about going to a drive in theater?

It  will be a totally different experience!

When I was little, we used to go to drive in theaters, and it was really fun.
You can see the movie from the comfort and privacy of your car.
It even had playgrounds for little kids.
I would love to take my family to a drive in theater!

Do you want a quick and healthy breakfast

Take a slice of bread, toast it.
Add some light cream cheese or cottage cheese.
Add some slices of fresh avocado, a little bit alfalfa and the vegetable you like the best way to start your day, without eating fats.
It has carbs, veggies, dairy products.
And the most important thing: easy to do.

Do you want to know what successful people as Yoram Yasur do every day

Yoram Yasur reads a lot.
They are always busy, with a lot of meetings, and working on a lot of projects, but they always find time to read.
Reading opens your mind, they absorb information, they learn new things,
New point of views.
There is always time to learn and trave as in to Yoram Yasur to a cool place in Vanuatu check the link her in yoram yasur.
They surround by positive people, people that encourage them to better.
Have learned to delegate.
Empower others.
Also have clear goals.
They are focus. They enjoy their work.
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