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yoram yasur newcityYoram Yasur – Democratic leadership

Leaders also motivate their followers.
They motive them to take action and give recognition to their efforts.
A good leader keep trying new things.
Find feedback and inspiration in your followers, working as a team.
Also encourage people to make contributions, let them know that ideas are
Always welcome.
It is a democratic leadership.
You also have to learn about your leadership style, to know what are your strengths and what do you need to improve.

Desire is individual. happiness is common.

julian casablancas.
There are people who can do all fine and heroic things but one – keep from telling their happiness to the unhappy.
-mark twain.
Happiness is mostly a by-product of doing what makes us feel fulfilled.
-benjamin spock.
Desire is individual. Happiness is common.
-julian casablancas.
If you have easy self-contentment, you might have a very, very cheap source of happiness.
-leon kass.

Yoram Yasur – Desire is the key to motivation

it has always seemed strange to me.

The things we admire in men, kindness and generosity, openness, honesty,

Understanding and feeling, are the concomitants of failure in our system.
And those traits we detest, sharpness, greed, acquisitiveness, meanness, egotism and self-interest, are the traits of success.
And while men admire the quality of the first they love the produce of the second.
-john steinbeck.

Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that
will enable you to attain the success you seek.
-mario andretti .
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