Yoram Yasur – Did you know?

yoram yasur hammockYoram Yasur – Did you know?

That if you drink coffee you can have a better nap.
For healthy teeth, do not brush after eating.  Wait at least 30 minutes.
To eat less, eat more.
If you are tired do not drink energy drinks. Drink water when you are bloated.
Avoid diet sodas if you want to lose weight.
Too cool off, is better to drink a hot beverage.
If you are tired, you should exercise to feel more energized.
Writing boost your brain.
To improve any relationship, spend less time together.

Did you know that paper was invented in china

Yes, paper was invented in china as early as 105 ad, and was at first prepared from bark and hemp.
This paper developed to a high standard, and paper-making later spread to japan (c. 610 ad), and then to the arab world along the silk road, via samarkand in central asia.
Pre-columbian american civilizations also produced a more primitive bark paper from an unknown date.

The arabs introduced paper into europe via spain.
However it was not actually made in europe until around 1276, and not in england until 1495.
One reason for this slow advance was that european-style paper, made usually from flax and hemp, was at first inferior to parchment, especially for illustrations.

So until it was improved, paper was not very suitable for the style of illustrated manuscript common in the west.

Yoram Yasur – Did you know that writing is a therapeutic activity

It will help you express your feelings and lower anxiety.

Is has been proven that it also relieve pain and creates a positive mood.
It will help you get more creative, will help you deal with your emotions and will help you express your fears.

Is great for helping you get to know yourself.
And of course, it will help you communicate better with others.

Great way to share our feelings.
You will see how it will help you.
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