Yoram Yasur is not stress about unimportant things

yoram yasur afternoonYoram Yasur is not stress about unimportant things about things you can not control.

Remember that having a positive attitude is the key to overcome any kind of difficulties.

Your attitude will define how will you live your life.

You can not have positive results if you are having negative attitude and thoughts.
Being grateful for all the blessings you have is the key to appreciate everyday things.

Remember the phrase Count your blessings, not your problems? Keep that in mind always.

Even from difficult situations we will learn something.
We can learn something important from any situation in life.
Take everything as a lesson life is giving you.
Every single day gives you a new beginning and a new ending.
You can start all over again every time you wake up and open your eyes!
How lucky we are!

Yoram Yasura do not think that money should be your goal.

Is not about making a lot of money.
This Yoram Yasur blog is about doing the things you love, and the things that make you happy.
If you follow your passions, money will come by itself.
I know a lot of people that have a lot of money, and are not happy.
And I know others that are happy with little things.
Do what you love and money will come.

Do not throw away your pickles juice!

You can use it for a lot to things, check this out: hangover cure: Pickle juice is a great remedy on a hangover tummy.
As a post workout drink.
Pms remedy: It is used to cure menstrual cramps.
Use it to add flavor to boiled potatoes.
Use it in your potato salad, instead of mayonnaise.
It cures heartburn great option for marinating chicken.
Weed killer.
Hiccups stopper.

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